November 6, 2007

This seems to be turning into a sort of scrapbook/diary. It’s a way of sharing some things that I’m doing and have seen, my responses to some stuff, etc. It’s not very specific at the moment. I hope that if you have some spare time it will be a bit interesting, in some way or another. I’m enjoying it, anyway!



Seedy Covers

November 6, 2007

Call me crazy (actually don’t, I might cry), but I like making hypothetical CD covers for imaginary bands. Here are some I made earlier:




They aren’t all hypothetical. Here’s one I made for a compilation for my friend Joe (hence the minty animal swirls made out of the word Joe):


Book bought from the library in Corby

November 4, 2007






Lamentation for “Harrods worker”

October 25, 2007


The Guardian reports that a ‘Harrods worker was murdered by a “loner” on a south London common where she sunbathed and went jogging, the Old Bailey heard yesterday’, and that the “loner” denies the mentioned act. I find it a shame that this woman who has died has now been referred to as a ‘Harrods worker’. She is not introduced as a woman with other defining characteristics other than working for Harrods (her specific occupation not revealed, even), sunbathing and jogging. Even the word “sunbathing” suggests assumptions, that she enjoyed lying prostrate with a vague consciousness, being nourished by the elements. There is little suggestion that she may have read, talked or done anything else, apart from in the absence of mentioning possible characteristics. She is defined by her physicality, and by work/hobbies, almost ahistorical in a biographical sense (apart from later being named as an Estonian national). She is even described as someone who was “fit, athletic and strong”; she becomes encapsulated by synonyms. This seems to become more of an issue of outside fitness and a stereotypically “healthy” life being destroyed by someone who more easily represents death, someone who is presented as not leaving home, not being social. This story becomes not only about this individual human being with propensities and eccentricities, who has now died, but an ideal of freedom and strength versus a cowardly asocial being. The details are shocking – the knife bearing blood matching hers in the man’s bag, and the way she was buried in the common, spotted after her limb was seen protruding above ground. However, the Guardian reporter lets some ‘humanity’ shine through at the end. We read about the accused man being found with the dead woman’s mobile phone. In the penultimate paragraph, we read that “Police tracked down Mr Davies after he was found to have used the phone to send texts and photo messages of his dog, a black Staffordshire bull terrier, to a friend.” Ironically the “loner” is now presented as having a friend, and a dog, and a phone. This terrible story of a woman being killed is now turned into an inadvertent contradiction, a joke.






What’s that title all about?

October 25, 2007

Encouraging Vagrants and Beggars is intended to be a fairly ironic reference to the tanoy messages we often hear in London asking us not to do just that. I find the phrase offensive and amusing – encouraging could take many forms, such as writing a nice note saying that “things will be ok”, but these messages seem to ignore that with their somewhat Victorian phraseology. So, I’m defiant – I’ll encourage vagrants and beggars as much as I want, thank you very much. Obviously this blog isn’t really about that though, as not many ‘beggars’ have the internet, I’m guessing. It is supposed to reflect some of my interests in the tensions and interactions between institutions and individuals, deterministic attitudes and their disavowal, the published and unpublished, and much more. I doubt it successfully achieves this but I chose it a while back and I might as well keep it!

About the author

September 19, 2007

Blogs have been described as “powerful tools that can influence reputation”. Once I had seen that description on the Guardian website I thought, “blow me down, I’m getting a blog”. All of those times I thought my reputation was shot, like when I dressed up as a Cliff Richard fan for a school assembly (they have a very particular look, you know) and set up a band called The Mincers and performed in front of my whole class, well, I was wrong. The thing is though, I’m not quite sure what reputation I want to have. I think it was an admirable deed that three friends and I dedicated quality pop songs to a man who got minced up in a mincing machine, even though others looked on with harsh indifference.


I enjoy books and art and all that, you know, strolls in parks, bemoaning a number of aspects of capitalism but really appreciating my overdraft thank you very much, charity shops, old postcards, trying to finish and start projects, imagining typos in newspapers, dancing like one of 50 Cent’s bitches in various candy shops (Eddie’s Food and Wine is a favourite), recommending magazines and books that I love, and hanging out with my best friends in various haunts (obviously). I’m a down to earth girl who can visit Oceana in Milton Keynes but also try to save the world from destruction and debauchery and the abominations of abominations in the hell of hells in heaven of the earth while the end times are approaching in the days of evil and when the prophecies of Revelation will be revealed to all those concerned, e.g. the seven tribes of Israel and all that jazz, whilst struggling to open a packet of frozen peas. I also have a tendency for wafflemongering. Anyway, that’s enough about me. Who are you?