“Who dreamed the bluebells?”

Derek Jarman:

“My own feeling at the moment is as if some mega production were going on off-screen, perhaps life itself, and I’m travelling through, documenting it. The film is a documentary. I’ve come back with a document from somewhere far away. Everything I pointed the camera at (my fellow cameramen pointed the camera at) had meaning, it didn’t matter what we filmed. The film is our fiction, we are in the story. After all, film is fiction, including the news, or if you want to reverse it, all film is fact. My film is as factual as the news.

As  I look out of my picture window onto the Charing Cross Road, I see the buildings being dreamt on architects’ drawing boards. The road itself was created in the late 19th century, it’s fabricated. Who dreamed the bluebells? So, if you are making a film, you can point the camera anywhere you want. Everything is to be interpreted, as Beuys said, ‘Everyone is an artist’, and we live in creation.”

(from ‘Kicking the Pricks’, Vintage, first published as ‘The Last of England’ by Constable, 1987)


One Response to ““Who dreamed the bluebells?””

  1. miss woo Says:

    I also got this from the library recently. We should watch Jubilee, YES.

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