Come to Northamptonshire…

Whilst on an aimless long walk in the summer, I strolled upon this estate that seemed to me to resemble (or be) some kind of military showhome. A real jewel of the Northamptonshire countryside, yet strangely not on the map (I recommend clicking on the picture below to see the sign properly)…




Later on during the adventure, I came across this massive pile of bricks.


I almost felt like I was the size of a small toy and approaching an unimaginative child’s Lego house.

If this doesn’t make Northamptonshire look appealing, you can always go to its main town to satiate your previously unacknowledged desires…click on the postcard below which has been sent here especially for you from the Grosvenor Centre, Northampton.


You really are sure of a welcome, I promise, despite everyone in the postcard looking distinctly disgruntled and avoiding eye contact at all costs.


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