A single man, a single dream: banging.

Everyone knows online dating sites are a load of old codswallop. Why use the cold and distant medium of a screen when there are things to be written on all around you in your local area?


If your a girl and want bangs call Burrthing Richard on 07985 737 920

Your like it


9 Responses to “A single man, a single dream: banging.”

  1. Miss woo Says:

    Well, at least he lays his cards out on the table.

  2. gc Says:

    I’m seriously tempted to give him a ring. I’m curious to know whether he’s a joker who vandals for the mere fun of it, or if he actually is genuinely looking for any sex available. I’m thinking it’s a bit of both!

  3. gc Says:

    p.s. i may sound like a snob in that post, but i’m not really too bothered about spelling being officially “correct”. He’s got his message across!

    “I’m going to get the 185 to Burrthing, but I can’t read the timetable
    under his scrawls, I’m going to get the 185 to Burrthing, so that I can
    get banged as he promised me today…” A modern anthem.

  4. gc Says:

    saying that, i couldn’t help but notice my spelling mistake above, vandals and not vandalises…

    ok, from now on, i shall be a completely carefree soul…starting no….w? 🙂

  5. Charles Knox Says:

    I love this photo and the way you’ve put it into the context of a modern internet age. However, I feel that you are making assumptions about Burrthing’s intentions like some wolly English Literature academic smoking a pipe in his oak pannelled dungeon. Perhaps he’s a firework dealer or just a particularly enegetic drummer looking for likeminded musicians. And you never know ‘in this day and age’, “bangs” could be the name for some eastern european anfetamine.

  6. Charles Knox Says:

    Also, isn’t it Buffthing

  7. gc Says:

    (GC horts loudly in the office.) This calls for a trip to the Senate House paleography department! Buffthing is pretty poetic; the ambiguity opens it up to many possibile interpretations. I was trying to figure out whether ‘Your like it’ could be prophetic, or, rather, a plea to a shared interest. ‘You’re like it…go on, don’t pretend you’re any different.’

    I like the idea of smoking a pipe!

    I’m looking for someone to teach me drumming skills, maybe I should give him a ring?

  8. Harry Says:

    I admire Buffthing’s grit, he hasn’t used a contraction, sticking with Richard. This is a man who don’t take no guff.

  9. gc Says:

    He would smoke guff in a controversially shaped pipe.

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