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September 19, 2007

Blogs have been described as “powerful tools that can influence reputation”. Once I had seen that description on the Guardian website I thought, “blow me down, I’m getting a blog”. All of those times I thought my reputation was shot, like when I dressed up as a Cliff Richard fan for a school assembly (they have a very particular look, you know) and set up a band called The Mincers and performed in front of my whole class, well, I was wrong. The thing is though, I’m not quite sure what reputation I want to have. I think it was an admirable deed that three friends and I dedicated quality pop songs to a man who got minced up in a mincing machine, even though others looked on with harsh indifference.


I enjoy books and art and all that, you know, strolls in parks, bemoaning a number of aspects of capitalism but really appreciating my overdraft thank you very much, charity shops, old postcards, trying to finish and start projects, imagining typos in newspapers, dancing like one of 50 Cent’s bitches in various candy shops (Eddie’s Food and Wine is a favourite), recommending magazines and books that I love, and hanging out with my best friends in various haunts (obviously). I’m a down to earth girl who can visit Oceana in Milton Keynes but also try to save the world from destruction and debauchery and the abominations of abominations in the hell of hells in heaven of the earth while the end times are approaching in the days of evil and when the prophecies of Revelation will be revealed to all those concerned, e.g. the seven tribes of Israel and all that jazz, whilst struggling to open a packet of frozen peas. I also have a tendency for wafflemongering. Anyway, that’s enough about me. Who are you?